Like the Residential Shutters, Industrial Aluminium Laziman Roller Shutters are locally assembled from high quality extruded aluminium slats, using the very best of materials made to European standards. The extruded profiles are specified as double-walled hollow profiles for maximum security applications, and are available for extra large openings due to their strength to weight ratio.

Our shutters require little maintenance other than the occasional wash with soap and water. All parts are slow wearing and replaceable as and when required giving the shutter a long life span. The shutters have a wide range of applications from windows, counter tops and passage ways, to larger shutters used on garage and factory openings. Industrial shutters are operated with a 100N internal tubular motor, or a more heavy duty industrial motor depending on the size of the shutter. Our shutters are powder coated in a matt finish which enhances the product’s resistance to corrosion and are available in White, Black, Beige, and Bronze. Special colours are available on request.